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Some thoughts from your Pastor…
The story of the Epiphany from the Gospel of Matthew (2:1-12), which ends our Christmas season and takes us into the next, is an account of three men (referred to as magi, kings, or wise men) who were searching for answers. They were persons of faith who watched for signs of and thoughtfully considered God’s activity in the world. When they noticed a new, apparently different star in the night ski they referenced their faith resources, talked with each other at length and decided that God was about to do something great. With still many questions they embarked on a search to see more fully what God was up to by following the light of that star. We know the end of the story…they found their answer, as the star led to the Christ child.

I believe that they are for us a great example. As people of faith we should always be on the lookout for God’s activity in our lives. We certainly, like they did in their own time, live in a complicated and ever changing world. With the ever widening communication resources we have, we are exposed to all sorts of happenings, not just close by but on a global basis. If you are like me, many of these things certainly generate questions about what God is up to, what other forces are at acting in the world and how I/we are called to respond as a faithful followers of the Lord.

 We are all blessed to have individual resources, especially the Scriptures, which we can use to help sort out our own beliefs and thoughts on even most complicated and perplexing of questions and issues that arise in our lives and world. I also have experienced that often God powerfully reveals answers for us when we share in prayerful conversation one with another as companions in Christ, even on the most difficult of concerns.

 So, I extend to you an invitation to join me on the fourth Sunday of the month, between our worship services (9:15-10:15), to do just that by sharing in Conversations in Christ. We’ll start on Sunday, January 25th.  Simply come with those questions which have appeared in your heart, mind and spirit from living our complex lives as people of faith. Come, like those three so long ago, joining one another in being seekers following the Light. Come with a willingness to faithfully listen and share to and with each other and God. Together, I am certain, we will see what the Lord may have for us to discover on our journey in today’s wonderful and intriguing world that will fill our lives with satisfaction and joy.


Rev. Jimmy Lee Werley