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Pentecost – A Red Letter Day
As a Christian family we have lived thought the dark and gloomy days of Lent and Holy Week and the agonizing death of Jesus, the Son of God.We have known and experienced the mind boggling proclamation “Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!” This is a reality that is so foreign to the human experience that it is hard to grasp, and perhaps even harder to believe and incorporate into our everyday living. Even those who were intimately involved in following Jesus, even those who had seen all that Jesus had done and heard all that Jesus had said, found it hard to incorporate Jesus’ resurrection to life into daily living.

Then we have this RED LETTER DAY called PENTECOST, and suddenly, nothing is the same. A man named Peter, along with the other disciples, who are holed up in the upper room in fear and trepidation of those who had crucified Jesus, are suddenly found in the middle of the street with Peter preaching a powerful message based on the words of the prophet Joel.

They were burned from head to toe in heart, mind and spirit by the tongues of fire of the Holy Spirit that God had released upon them.

This is the same fire of God that drew Moses to the bush that did not burn, that enveloped Moses on the mountain, that presented to God the offerings of the Israelites and that prevented the Egyptians from capturing the Israelite people as they escaped from slavery in Egypt. It is the very same fire of God that led the Israelites through the wilderness experience. It is this fire of God that told them when and where to move through the 40 years of wandering.

It is the same fire of God that burned in the heart and mind of John Casper, Jr. as he heard the call to minister to the early settlers and followers of Christ who, in 1734, lived along the Jordan. It is the same fire of God that burned in those early Christians who found it important to erect a log building to set aside for worshipping in the name of the Son of God. It is this same fire of God that supported and encouraged the ministry and mission of Jordan Lutheran Church for 282 years through the difficult times and in the times of great strides in mission and ministry.

It is this same fire of God, called the Holy Spirit, that is renewed, refreshed and restored in us as we celebrate this RED LETTER DAY called PENTECOST which Luther tells us in the Small Catechism “Calls, gathers, enlightens, sanctifies the whole Christian Church on earth (and even, and perhaps especially, Jordan Lutheran) and keeps it united with Jesus Christ in the one true faith.”

Let us all pray that every member of Jordan Lutheran might be burned real good with the fire of God called the Holy Spirit on this RED LETTER DAY called PENTECOST.

Pax and Agape,
Pastor Grube