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Some thoughts from your Pastor…
“New Ministry Sunday!” will happen on the third Sunday of the month (not every, but most) starting this month and going through at least May of next year. 

 New Ministry Sunday! is exactly what the name says they will be: opportunities to consider new ministries which the Lord might be leading us to develop as we expand in our mission as a community of faith. What new ministries grow from these brief times of gathering on a Sabbath morning are mostly dependent on YOU and your sense of what God might be calling you to do as a disciple of the Lord in your involvement here at Jordan.

 On those Sundays you are encouraged to come together with me and others of Jordan to think, talk and pray briefly about some new ministry possibilities. It is my hope that each one of these would give us a chance to discern how we might increasingly live out our Core Purpose/Mission Statement of Celebrating God! Connecting People!

 On these third Sundays you are invited to meet with me in the conference room next to the office at about 9:30 (bring your own or grab a beverage and snack at the fellowship following the 8:00 am worship and wander down to the room) if you sense an interest in the new ministry possibility for that day’s discussion. That’s all there is to it! No commitment required or even expected (although I will come with hope ;-) to talk about a new ministry opportunity.

 I have designated some ideas I think might be possibilities for the first months and will rely on you for others. So, here’s the Fall schedule:

· Sunday, September 21st – Mission Trips

· Sunday, October 19th – Mid-Age (30-50) Adult Connections

· Sunday, November 16th – Alternative (contemporary) Worship

 All I ask is that you seriously consider to what God may be calling you to become a part as we explore together opportunities for new ministries which the Lord might be leading us to develop as we grow in our mission as a community of faith. Then, come and join me on those third Sunday mornings as we together engage the adventure of living out our faith here at Jordan!


Rev. Jimmy Lee Werley