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The major seasons of celebrating God have already been experienced according to the church year. The birth of Jesus, Lent, Resurrection and the day of Pentecost are all special seasons of the church year that naturally lend themselves to celebrating the major activities of God in behalf of the human creation.

The church year now takes us to the season of Pentecost, the season of the church year that is involved in the working out of what those major God events mean in the everyday life of faith. How are the ordinary lives we lead, shaped by these major God events? Do these major God events make a difference in how we work, play and relate to one another in the Family of Faith and in the community in which we live?

Perhaps the major question of the Pentecost season for each of us is, “Where have I seen God active in my life or in the life of another person today?” It is only as we see God active in the common place, in the everyday, in the ordinary activities of life and its living that we have a reason to celebrate God.

Every morning as I survey my garden I see God active as the seeds and plants grow and mature. Oh, yes, I sometimes wish that God would focus his creative activity on the things that I have planted and a little less creative activity on the weeds. But I try to remember that if the things that I do not want in my garden (the weeds) do not grow, then the things that I have planted and want in my garden will not grow either. So I celebrate God’s creative activity on my behalf.

It becomes my responsibility, then, to cultivate, nourish, and care for the things that I want to grow in my garden and to eliminate what I do not want. I see my garden as a sort of parable of life.

In this Pentecost season, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we see God active in helping us root out the weeds of our lives, the activities that build walls between ourselves and God, the things that would draw us away from God, and that which God desires us to be and do.

Worship, prayer, daily devotions, and the study of God’s Word are all activities that cultivate, nurture and encourage the growth of what God desires in each of us as his children and followers of his Son, and assists us in rooting out that which is undesirable, builds wall between ourselves and God, and inhibits growth in faith and hope.

Celebrate God!! Yes, certainly on those special days. But, perhaps it is even more important to celebrate God in the ordinary and the mundane. I believe Celebrating God begins with the question, “Where have I seen God active in my life or in the life of another person today? That allows us to CELEBRATE GOD every day.

In Christ,

Pastor Grube