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In our Confession and Forgiveness that we are currently using on Sunday mornings, we say, “Reform us to be a church powered by love, willing to speak for what is right, act for what is just, and seek the healing of your whole creation.”  What jumps out at me each week when we read this are the words, “To be a church powered by love.” It lends itself to ask, how is our congrega-tion powered? How are you powered? What motivates you to carry out the work of God?

Last month we initiated God’s Work, Our Hands on September 9th as fifty-five members of all ages sacrificed their Sunday afternoon to serve the Lord throughout the community in a variety of ways, touching the lives of hundreds who find themselves sometimes in desperate living situations. I would like to believe that those who participated were powered by love, the love of Jesus Christ, which is given to each of us unconditionally.

Powered by love reaches beyond the GWOH Sept. 9th day of service. Powered by the love of Christ reaches out through the food pantry, the fundraisers for outreach (dinners, pie sales, fall bazaar and others), and collections for Allentown Rescue Mission’s spaghetti Dinner, and soon to host Family Promise.

Powered by love reaches out to the members of our own Congregation in support to those who are dealing with difficult times, to those who need a listening ear or caring shoulder, a visit or phone call. Powered by love is shown by teaching our children of all ages, learning together in Bible Studies, sharing our musical talents to worship the Lord.

As we worship this October, we end the month with the celebration of Reformation; a celebration honoring our Lutheran Heritage, as Martin Luther called for the church to be reformed…to change the ways following scripture. One of Luther’s emphases was on the “priesthood of all believers.”

As we live out our baptismal call to serve the Lord, we are powered by the unconditional love of Christ. We each are little priests (pastors) serving each other. Serving the Lord though is not just a one day designation of GWOH Sunday, but each day in our daily living we are called to serve.

As we are powered by the love of Christ may we be open to being reformed, changed in our life so that we may continue to “speak for what is right, act for what is just, and seek the healing of God’s whole creation.”

May we be powered by love in order to reform the lives of  others as they come to know the love of Christ, impacting their lives for the better!

I thank God for the love of Christ that you share each day in your life!

Powered By God’s Love!

Pastor Dody