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I remember several years ago driving through Potter County on one of my “get-away weekends” by myself. The rains had subsided and everything looked refreshed. The sun was shining and the colors were magnificent! I remember breaking out with “The hills are live with the sound of music!”

This morning as I write this, I had a similar experience, waking up from a night
of thunderstorms, looking out into the woods from my front porch. The foliage
on the trees is full this year from all the rain we had! It reminds me of the
same feeling, but thinking of how we are now into the Pentecost Season – the
season of green – the season of newness and growth!

I couldn’t help but to think of how we might be a part of the newness, of the
growth in our faith and the church. How do you experience the newness of the
Holy Spirit in your life? How does your faith excite you, making you feel alive?

As we enter into the Season of Pentecost, many of us will also be entering into
our summer schedules; time for school to end, vacations being planned for the
summer along with summer travels.

I ask as you transition into the summer mode that you remember that
wherever you are this summer, you know that God is alive; in, through and
around you! May you take time to feel His Son shining on you, blessing you,
walking with you, traveling to your summer destination with you and simply
being with you in all that you do!

No matter where you are this summer, be sure to take time to worship God,
the creator of all that surrounds us! Here at Jordan we will begin our
summer worship schedule on June 24th with the Outdoor Worship Service at
Lone Lane Park at 9:15 a.m. (there will be only one serve that day). It
will be a day filled with worship and praise to God, followed by a brunch
and time for plenty of fellowship. Please plan on attending and invite
neighbors and friends!

The summer schedule will continue through September 2nd with one service at
9:15 a.m. But if you are traveling, please find a place to worship, bring
back bulletins or ideas that you enjoyed, and as always may you be refreshed
as well this summer, knowing “the word of God is alive and active! (Hebrew 4:12)”

God’s Peace and Love!

Pastor Dody