About the Jordan Endowment Fund

The Joy of Giving and The Endowment Fund

Through the Joy of Giving, you have the opportunity to support Jordan’s mission by giving to grow the Endowment Fund.

What is the Endowment Fund?
The Endowment Fund is a pool of gifted funds that was established in 1986 by a generous bequest from a Jordan Member. Its purpose is to provide a permanent source of funds for the work of the Lord in our community and congregation, consistent with the Constitution of the Church.

The Endowment Fund continues to grow through the generosity of donors from Jordan’s congregation.

Gifts to the fund can be made either through:

  • A charitable bequest – via a convenient inclusion into your will, and/or
  • As charitable giving while you are alive.

The Endowment Fund allows Jordan to make special contributions and support those in need without using the operating income of the church. It is a separate investment fund whose interest and dividends provide an ongoing source of financial support for outreach to others in His name.

Why give at all? Extraordinary benefits…
God calls each of us to reach out and help others – to use our hands to do God’s work. People find that as they discover The Joy of Giving, they also grow spiritually. Most Christians – in fact, most people – have experienced the true joy of generosity at some point in their lives. By giving, we are modeling ourselves after our loving God, whose abundant, generous giving fills our lives.

‘Giving’ is at the heart of who God is. Giving is at the heart of who God’s people are. Through our giving, God is able to make a difference for good in our world.

For more information on gifting to the Endowment Fund contact us at 610-395-5912.

The Endowment Fund Administration
There are three committees that handle the responsibilities of the Endowment Fund.

  • The Endowment Fund Investment Committee prudently manages the Endowment Fund. This committee meets quarterly to review the Endowment Investment Fund’s performance. Annually, they approve the amount to be disbursed to the Endowment Disbursement Committee.
  • The Endowment Fund Disbursement Committee is allocated a limited amount of funds to assist individuals or organizations on an as needed basis. The need is brought to the attention of the committee, who then determines the validity of the request, the amount of the assistance and any qualifiers of the grant or loan.
  • The Endowment Marketing Committee’s mission to make the congregation aware of the Endowment Fund, share information on the ways in which it is used to help others and to encourage members of Jordan to bequest funds so that the church and its mission will continue well into the future.