Christian Education



Congratulations to Andrew Berdahl and Jamie Edelman  who have both heard God’s call to serve in ministry. They will be attending seminary in the fall. Jordan is honored to have two seminary candidates. We as a congregation should be very proud! We have a responsibility to support both of them in prayer, spiritually, and financially. Please congratulate both of them!

 Family Center Parking Lot ClosureThe repaving of the lower (Family Center) lot is scheduled for June 26-30. The work will take all week and no one will be permitted to drive on it for another week which means it won’t be reopened until July 7thAccess to the Family Center will  have to be from the upper levels.

 YOUTH GATHERING 2018:  Jordan is looking to send over a dozen of our youth to the next ELCA Youth Gathering in Houston, TX. The gathering is not until June 2018 but we have a lot of fundraising to do.   The next Youth Gathering Meeting will be held June 11th following 10:30am service in Classroom  M1.  Bring new fund raising ideas and a bag lunch to the meeting.

Open & Better than Ever! Thanks to the efforts of the Coffeehouse teacher and students, the room has a fresh &
modern new look. Additional modifications are planned in the near future! High School Students – Come down to the youth room during the Sunday School hour and check out the new look and what’s  happening in the Coffeehouse! You’ll be glad you did!
Check out :  50″ Flat Screen TV (In Memory of Christine Heist by granddaughters Summer & Emma Kozy); TV wall mount & Smart BluRay player (The Barnett Family).