About Us


Pastor: Rev. Dody Siegfried    pastorjordanlutheran@ptd.net
Visitation Pastor: Rev. Gerel Gade
Organist: Neil Chaban musicdir@ptd.net

Handbell Choir Director: Greg Grove
Canon Choir Director: Jan Kistler
Cherub Choir Director: Marlene Peters
Director of Christian Education: Jamie Edelman jordandce@ptd.net
Administrator: Monica Unangstjordanlutheran@ptd.net
Income-Expense Coordinator: Marlene Peters iecoordjordan@ptd.net
Sexton: Ann Kline

Church Council consists of the Pastor and not more than 13 elected members of the congregation. Council is responsible to carry out the actions described in the Church Constitution. The current members of Council are listed below:

Council Members:
President: Bill Hendricks
Vice President: Julie Boscia
Treasurer: Darrell Correll
Secretary: Shirley Schleicher
Members:  Ken Gross, Dave Mancke, Kevin Murphy, Keely Schofield, Terrie Weidman, John Weremedic