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Opportunities to Serve
We are presently in need of additional Communion Assistants and are asking you to prayerfully consider sharing your gifts in this vital and important part of our faith. Being a Communion Assistant is one of a number of responses we have to our baptismal calling to serve the people of God and also a commitment to Christ.  To assist in this way is a privilege and one that allows you to act as the Body of Christ by fully participating in the life of the parish. All confirmed members of Jordan are eligible and senior high-aged youth are encouraged! You would be contacted by email every few months and can sign up for the date(s) you are available. A brief introduction/instruction will be offered. Please contact the Church Office.  Looking for other opportunities to volunteer? To learn more about Altar Guild, or to volunteer, please contact Lynn Daniels (610-398-1050), Shelly Wagaman (610-760-1137), Carol Rabenold (610-262-5644) or Jenny Stettler (610-674-4160).  Why not think about volunteering to Usher as a family? To learn more or to sign up, please contact John Weremedic (10:30 service) at 610-767-4024.

Ushers welcome those entering our doors for worship. They hand out a service bulletin to each person and distribute communion cards. They also assist during the presentation of the offering and the administration of the Eucharist, and they provide other service as needed.  Our church offers aid for the hearing impaired and our ushers can assist anyone requesting this aid. They volunteer on a monthly rotating basis. Contact the church office at 610-395-5912 or for more information.

The congregation is aided in worship by lectors reading the first Bible lesson from Scripture, the Psalm and the second lesson.  The pastor follows these lessons by a reading of the Gospel verses and providing words of inspiration.  If you would like be a lector at either the 8:00 am or 10:30 am service, contact the church office at 610-395-5912 or for available dates.

Music & Worship Committee
The committee organizes the setting of our Worship Service. They decorate the Church for the seasons (Easter, Christmas, Pentecost, etc.), and discuss the plans for future services.

Greeters along with ushers offer a friendly welcome to the incoming worshipers passing through our narthex. If you would like to be a greeter at one of our Sunday services, contact the church office at 610-395-5912 or for more information.

Altar Guild
Members of the Altar Guild prepare the sanctuary for worship. They set up the altar area and assist the pastor as he serves the sacraments in celebration of the events in Christ’s life. They assist the pastor with pouring wine for communion, set up for baptisms and change the paraments to correspond with the liturgical seasons of the church year. Other responsibilities include caring for altar linens and communion vessels, delivering flowers and visiting with our sick and home-bound members and friends.

These worship assistants work with the altar guild for the lighting of the altar candles in the sanctuary and the extinguishing of same. They also assist in worship through receiving the offering and additional candle lighting as needed for a particular service.

Bell Toller
Members toll the bell at the beginning of worship for both services and for funerals. Volunteers are always needed. Anyone interested in serving in this capacity can contact the church office at 610-395-5912 or for more information.

Communion Assistant
Communion assistants volunteer to assist the pastor in serving communion during Sunday worship. A communion assistant is needed at the 10:30 a.m. service on the 1st and 3rd Sunday and at the 8:00 a.m. service on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.

Children’s Sermon
Children’s sermons are given by volunteers every second Sunday of every month at the 10:30 service. It’s a wonderful way to help teach our young members about our Lord and our faith.

A nursery is provided during the 10:30 service and is attended to by adults and teens (7th grade of older). Anyone who would like to assist in this ministry can contact coordinator Kelley Stout at

The church Decorating Committee varies with the event for which decorations are required and they see to it the church’s setting is appropriate for the day or season.

Altar flower or pulpit flower sponsorships for Sunday services, must be placed in advance. To do so, contact either Donna Hahn at or the church office at 610-395-5912 or

Sponsorship donations for altar flowers and pulpit flowers are each $35.00. The floral arrangements can be given in the memory of or in honor of family members, friends or loved ones.  Sponsors can pick up the flowers after the 10:30 service to take them home.  Any flowers not picked up by 11:30 am will be given to shut-ins or hospitalized by the altar guild.

Church Calendar, Newsletter, & Bulletin
All information for the church calendar and newsletter must be submitted by the 15th of the month.  Information for the church bulletin must be submitted to the church secretary, Monica, in the church office by the Wednesday prior to Sunday Services.